The Greatest Name of Allah

The Greatest Name of Allah is a poster (a flyer also) that includes two very famous narrations from the authentic sunnah regarding making dua. These duas within the hadiths are read in times of difficulty, in ease, in times of need and generally throughout our lives. The power of these duas are tremendous, they always work, inshaAllah. Presented in a beautiful design, capturing the elegance of the duas and easy to read. It can be framed on the wall or room, without no problem. Short and easy to memorise, get it going in your life!

Each dua comes standard with:

  • Arabic Text
  • English Translation
  • Transliteration
  • Mp3 Audio

Uplift Your Life Now!


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File Type:  .Zip |  Size:  3.78mb

Software Note: You will need Izarc or Winzip to extract the files. Izarc is available for free:


Main Contents of Pack

Audio: Intro, Track 1 and Track 2.

Pamphlet: Instructions Document, PDF File.

This is a FREEWARE project and not for sale. In other words, there is no cost to get one of these but you will have to do it on your own–that is print it off at home and burn (write) the CD. It takes a few minutes but that’s all there is to it! You can easily spread it around to everyone and make everyone’s life 10X happier......

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