Memory like Ali

Memory like Ali It’s a self-development project you do on your own. It’s based on a hadith in Jami’ at-Tirmidhi in which Ali radiallahu anhu complains to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam about the weakness of his memory in memorizing and learning Quran and hadith. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam, tells him to perform this tahajjud prayer once a week, details how to perform it and teaches the dua to make after completing it.

He teaches us to do it for 3 weeks, or 5 or 7 consecutively on Thursday nights. Ali radiallahu returns after 5 or 7 weeks saying now it is as if he can see the Quran in front of him when he recites from memory. We have included the full narration of the hadith along with it’s reference, and another document which condenses the full hadith so that it helps one fulfill the injunctions the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam made in the hadith. Follow it meticulously and make sure you read through it well in advance before you actually perform the prayer.


Each dua comes standard with:

  • Arabic Text
  • English Translation
  • Transliteration
  • Mp3 Audio

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Main Contents of Pack

Audio: No audio

Pamphlet: PDF File.

This is a FREEWARE project and not for sale. In other words, there is no cost to get one of these but you will have to do it on your own–that is print it off at home and burn (write) the CD. It takes a few minutes but that’s all there is to it! You can easily spread it around to everyone and make everyone’s life 10X happier......

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